What I’m Reading- 02/01/2018 Edition

So currently I’m chewing through Clint Smith’s Counting Descent. It is a collection of poems, which is a genre I don’t read enough of. I’ve looked up some of his spoken word videos on Youtube after I picked up the book, and I was instantly thankful for finding it. I love spoken word, and Clint’s is great to listen to and challenging at the same time.

I’m not sure what genre the poems fall into but it definitely is in the vain of the #Blacklivesmatter movement. Being a African American male, Clint has had different experiences and perspective than me. So reading these poems allows a window into his emotion and thinking. It allows me, as a white male, to see things and think of things from his perspective.

Fear is the biggest thing that pops out at me as I reflect on the poems. Growing up I feared things different then he did, like in one poem he was scolded by his father for using water guns outside at night.

The poems are very personal and personal. I feel like by the end of the collection I will have read a small autobiography.

This is a really great collection of poems and I highly recommend it.

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