Messaging– Why Audience Matters by John Wotton, is a timely book about how brothers and sisters in Christ should respond on Social Media. The basic premise is that the internet has really opened up the ugly side of people giving their opinions without filter, and Christians have not been immune.

Based on biblical patterns, Wotton lays out how a Christian should respond on the internet to each other and the world for the sake of the Gospel. One of the biggest points is that the world should see our love for each other (a Christian’s love for the Church, being the people), and that when problems do arise we should handle things with grace, understanding, and respect in private.

It is a inspiring and informational book with a lot of practical advice. The big challenge is are we truly loving our brothers and sisters in the church, and are we one with them like God the Father and Jesus are one. And do we really love the lost, or do we just want them to believe the same politically and morally as us?

A good and humble read.  Definitely a must read.

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