What I’m Currently Reading 1/12/2019

Or better titled, What I’ve just Finished Reading, because that is more accurate. I just finished reading my first book of 2019, and it did not disappoint. I was enthralled by it from beginning to end. And I hope that you are just as enthralled by it when you pick it up.

Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry is a powerful testimony of God’s love and grace in her own life as she found herself at a crossroads of continuing living her life her own way or living her life God’s way. That is the very basic crux of the story, but it is universal in any Christ transformed life.

Yes the book centers around the fact that Jackie was a lesbian but by the grace of God is not now. But the book unfolds and brings new insight, I think, that some might not be expecting. As she not only address one sin but the many that she found herself in, she also addresses the Church and Opposite Sex Attracted saints too, bringing all into the narrative. I don’t want to rehash everything Jackie has written because 1) you should read it for yourself and 2) that how she has written it is much skillfully then I could.

You do not have to have struggled with same sex attraction to read this book, as it is, at its core, a book about God and how he can transform any sinner away from any sin. And that is what makes her story so relatable, because the main narrative is all about God’s transforming power through faith and repentance that all Christians have experienced. Jackie’s writing is inspiring yet easy to comprehend. I felt like any age, at least Middle School or higher, could pick up this book and understand the themes she is writing. Though faith is a profound and complex topic, she writes about it in such a way that it is so easy to grasp. I found myself wondering if I even knew the definition to such things before when confronted with the ease that she explains things with.

And like I written above, the book speaks to different audiences. It address what a Same Sex Attracted Saint might be dealing with while also addressing what an Opposite Sex Attracted Saint might have questions about or might think. Her ending chapters are just practical points she writes about and somewhat separate from the main biographical narrative. Though I was bummed the book switched gears I am glad she included them. The last chapters work well as pieces to chew on after the book has ended, as well as a resource to use.

Her story is encaptivating and inspiring and captures the picture of a true and good God. This brings me to the title, that, as she points out, even when she was in her sin God was still good. And in my own life, I can attest that God was (and is) good even when I am not.

It is a powerful book and a powerful testimony. And at the end of the day, it is just good to read a real story about God’s love, goodness, faithfulness, and power.

Click the link below if you want to pick up a copy of your own.

Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been

What books are you reading currently or have on the list to read? Sound off in the comments below.

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