My Official Ranking of All Star Trek Movies

What is my ranking of all the Star Trek movie? I’m glad you asked.

Here is my rating system on how I based the movies over.

VomitTerribleBadOkay/MuhEnjoyableGoodReally GoodGreatAmazingExcellent

13) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (My Rating: 2)

This is a bad movie. It tried to capture the chemistry of previous successful Star Trek movies, but failed… HARD. It tried to hamstring what made Wrath of Khan or The Voyage Home great. Plus when an alien poses as God says to the effect “God takes the form of many beings” I was done.

12) Star Trek: The Motion Picture (My Rating: 4)

It was an okay movie. It would have been enjoyable if it cut the run time down. It just seemed to drag on forever without having many exciting things happen. Instead of being on the edge of my seat, I was sinking into it.

11) Star Trek IX: Insurrection (My Rating: 5)

It was an enjoyable movie, and that was about it. The marathon of Star Trek movies hit me hard right about now and I was just tired. So maybe if I took a break and came back to it it might have gone up by a half point or a whole point. But it wouldn’t have gone up far.

10) Star Trek X: Nemesis (My Rating: 5)

This was just slightly more enjoyable then Nemesis, but that was about it. Tom Hardy is always a good actor, wish is was just a better movie for him to be in.

9) Star Trek VII: Generations (My Rating: 6)

Captain Kirk AND Picard in one movie!! It was a good movie and seeing those two team up made it a solid 6 in my book.

8) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (My Rating: 6.5)

I really couldn’t decide what I thought about this movie, was it good or really good. I thought it was slightly too long for what it was; but it was fun to see Kirk and crew as fish out of water (pun intended?). I don’t want Trek fans to think I hate this movie, I don’t. But I would just rewatch other Trek movies before this one.

7) Star Trek: Into Darkness (My Rating: 7)

Probably the most controversial ranking on the list. If you get over the fact that the villain is a re-imagining of Khan, it is actually a good movie. Yes this is more of a punch-em-up movie then the Original Crew Movies were (and that would be a common critic over all the Kelvin Timeline movies). But this is a really good movie, it’s only fault is being compared to The Wrath of Khan.

6) Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (My Rating: 8)

This starts a long string of Trek movies that all have a rating of 8. Search for Spock is a great movie. It is deep and emotional, a movie about friendship, life, and loss. The reason it is 6 on this list is because I would rewatch everything above this movie first before Search for Spock. Again a great movie!

5) Star Trek VIII: First Contact (My Rating: 8)

I believe this was my first Star Trek movie that I ever saw growing up. So maybe this is a biased rating, but I think it still holds up. This is the best movie from the Picard era hands down.

4) Star Trek: Beyond (My Rating: 8)

This is a fun movie! Spock and Bones forced to team up! I’m there for it. I also love that the climax is all centered around the Beastie Boys Sabotage.

3) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (My Rating: 8)

A race against the clock. Kirk and Bones imprisoned in a Klingon Prison Camp. Spock leading a ship wide search for the real killer. This is a Trek thriller and I was on the edge of my seat. Fun, thrilling. Great movie!

2) Star Trek (2009) (My Rating: 8.5)

This restored the fun to Star Trek. Yes it was outside the spirit of the Sci-Fi heavy original, but I believe it was a needed change.

1) Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (9.5)

Could there be any other movie? NO. Hands down the best Star Trek movie of all time.

So which is the best Generation of All Time? Here is the breakdown:

Original Crew: 6 Movies; AVG 6.33; Median 7.25; MAX 9.5; MIN 2
TNG: 4 Movies; AVG 6; Median 5.5; MAX 8; MIN 5
Kelvin Timeline: 3 Movies AVG 7.8; Median 8; MAX 8.5; MIN 7;

In both Average and Median Kelvin takes the cake. Three factors play into this. 1) My ranking of Into Darkness is definetly higher then most Trek Fans. 2) Only 3 movies exist currently in this era, and all 3 of those movies are clustered closely together. 3) The Original Crew’s lowest rating was 2 and then one was 4. If not for these two movies it would have beaten the average of the new era. So yes the Kelven Era is my favorite based on the numbers, but I am definitely fond of the original crew.

I’m sorry Picard, I didn’t want you to be last, but your movies are adequate. It really breaks my heart.

What is your ranking? Where does Into Darkness fall in your list? And which generation is your favorite?

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