What I Read in February 2020

Oh February, you are the month where the high of the new year comes crashing down. In the words of Eminem “Snap back to reality. Oh there goes gravity.”

I didn’t read that much this month, but I did complete the two books I started in January. The Way of Kings and Genesis: A Commentary. Which I was happy to complete this month.

The Way of Kings Part 1 by Brandon Sanderson was an overall good book. For the lovers of detailed, complete worlds, this book is for you. When you are reading you feel like you are immersed in that world and can see it all around you. He explains a lot of the mechanics of how the world works like weather, government, economy. It still leaves you with questions but you have some idea. This amount of detail does bog down the book and switching between characters can ruin some of the momentum the book picks up. The main four characters are interesting but I wish we spent more consecutive with each of them. But overall I would easily recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy.

Genesis: A Commentary by Bruce Waltke is another very detailed book, by the very nature of a commentary. But what it lacked in speed reading it made up in depth and interesting facts. Not a page turner by any means but I feel like I grew in my understanding of Genesis tenfold, and then some. For anyone who wants to know more of the Bible and the depth of God’s love and faithfulness, this is another easy recommendation from me. I will even reread this again at some point, though I do have a new goal to read a commentary a year, maybe more because that will take 66 years! So if this even peaks your interest I would recommend definitely picking a copy up.

So that is all I read this month. If you want to connect to keep updated follow me on Goodreads.

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