ItPotK Update + Next Project Tease

I try to write these posts a week or two in advance, but what I wanted to write just didn’t come to fruition. So instead I want to give a small update on the progress of In the Presence of the King and wanted to give a little tease on what I’m working on next.

In the Presence of the King is done! It is edited and the body matter is locked. That means we are getting closer to being completely done with the book. I’m keeping a tight lip on the release date for now and the book cover. But trust me I can not wait to share!

But in the meantime I’m working on another project, completely unrelated to In the Presence of the King. The vision is for it to be a novella, I’m aiming at the very minimum limit of a novella so around fifteen thousand words. I’m about halfway there on the first draft. No title yet but here is the first line of the draft, are you ready?

“The King is dead.”

That is it! That is the start, and I’m looking forward to you reading how things unfold from there.

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