The Hardest Thing About Being an Unpublished Writer

I wanted to give a quick little look behind the curtain to the ups and downs that come with being a writer and working to self-publish a book. Today is the bad, next week will be the list of all good that can come from being an unpublished writer, mostly because let’s get the bad part out of the way first. I could probably have a longer list, but a lot of things boil down to these three.

So here we go:

Not Knowing What You are Doing as You Go Through the Process

The path to publication is not a straight forward one, and there is no easy button. There are a ton of things to research and execute. And sometimes it feels like I do more tasks for my book than actually writing it. And with this being my first book to be published, even though I have read a lot about the process, I still feel like I’m flying blind. A lot of this is due to inexperience so as I move forward this part should dissipate, but there is a steep learning curve. I’m also easily overwhelmed by having a lot of options. I am a deep thinker so if you give me to many options I’m going to dwell on each of them. So I’m learning to leap without looking, learning as I go, and recovering from mistakes as when I realize I’ve made them.

I guess I could just publish it and let the chips fall how they may, which I’ve often thought about. But haven’t come this far not to have the book go unread. So thus I find myself in the marketing/attracting phase:


Social Media does not come easy to me. I actually hate self-promotion, but that is the boat I find myself in. Having to come up with posts on this blog and on other platforms that are meant to attract people to my book is hard. There is a reason I am not a salesperson. If I had to live off commission I would be died by now. But there I have a passion to write down my imagination, to type letters on a blank canvas. So thus I have to put in the work that goes along with writing a book.

Grappling with the Fear

There is a ton of fear when writing a book, let alone publishing the thing. Fear that it is not good enough. Fear that I actually suck as a writer. Fear that a dream will come to a halt.  Fear that no one will read it. Fear that too many people will read it, and the book is terrible, so if I try to release another one my shot has been shot not more eyeballs to attract to my book. I could easily drown in the sea of fear that can easily swell up. But in those moments I breathe. I pray to Jesus, and I’m reminded that he has given me this passion to write. So if it gets rave reviews or not, it doesn’t matter, I’m writing for a higher audience.

Next week we look on the brighter side where the grass is greener. And the grass is greener!

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