5 Ways to have a Writing Life Balance

Is there such a thing as writing life balance when you already have a full time job? No. The writing life takes up a lot of time, specially when you are an indie/ self-publishing author. You are your own publisher, you create and execute your own marketing plan. You are also your own publicist, designer [...]

What was the first version of In the Presence of the King Like?

Asaph, Cal-Lin and another friend (not named Li-Geming yet) actually lived in the capital. They were either orphans or just runaway but that felt too cliche and over done. And because they were in the capital they actually get into the King's castle somehow. I didn't finish this version, so it never became an official [...]

In the Presence of the King: Unused Story Lines

Possible Spoilers Ahead Not too many scenes were cut from the manuscript. Only one scene wasn't used. That scene was Asaph heading toward the west for his mission and being stopped in a very small village that needed help. The scene shows how much hope Royal Carriers give people and shows another side of what [...]

October Book Round Up

In October I completed reading only one book, hey that is one more than last month! Improvement is always good ha! In the words of John Mark McMillan in his song Juggernaut: "Life is heavy but it just won't stop" This month I read Riley's Excellent and Not-At-All Fake Exorcism Service by Sophie Queen, fitting [...]

In the Presence of the King Highlight: Naming

Naming is a huge thing when writing fantasy. The Lord of the Rings set the bar high when J.R.R Tolkien created full languages (written and spoken) for his universe. I just didn't have the knowledge to do that adequately. So for the names I did something else, and I would say this applies to about [...]

In the Presence of the King: The Golden King

Potential spoilers ahead if you haven't read 'In the Presence of the King' The Golden King is the main character while being a background character. He is the book, he is the story, while not being in the book that much. And that type of character is hard to write because you have to write [...]

‘In the Presence of the King’: Why there is No Series Title

‘In the Presence of the King’: Why there is No Series Title

The full title of my book is In the Presence of the King. There is no series title, there is no subtitle. It is only that title. I've gotten many questions about if there will be a sequel to the book. And the most truthful answer is: maybe? The book easily stands on its own. [...]

The Book that Inspired In the Presence of the King

The Book that Inspired In the Presence of the King

It has been a long time since I've read A Tale of Three King's by Gene Edwards. I haven't read it since all those years ago, even during or after writing In the Presence of the King to return to a sense of why it inspired me. But my book was initially thought of after [...]

The September Book Round Up

This is going to be a short Round-Up as I didn't finish a thing in September. Between releasing a book and getting newborn placement my life has been super chaotic. Routine has gone out the window and I'm still trying to figure out my new "normal". So while my nose hasn't been shoved into a [...]