5 Ways to have a Writing Life Balance

Is there such a thing as writing life balance when you already have a full time job? No. The writing life takes up a lot of time, specially when you are an indie/ self-publishing author. You are your own publisher, you create and execute your own marketing plan. You are also your own publicist, designer […]

What was the first version of In the Presence of the King Like?

Asaph, Cal-Lin and another friend (not named Li-Geming yet) actually lived in the capital. They were either orphans or just runaway but that felt too cliche and over done. And because they were in the capital they actually get into the King’s castle somehow. I didn’t finish this version, so it never became an official […]

In the Presence of the King: Unused Story Lines

Possible Spoilers Ahead Not too many scenes were cut from the manuscript. Only one scene wasn’t used. That scene was Asaph heading toward the west for his mission and being stopped in a very small village that needed help. The scene shows how much hope Royal Carriers give people and shows another side of what […]


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