The Office: My Rating of Every Episode

Before The Office left Netflix, I did a final binge of the series. This fun data visual is what I found out.

What was the first version of In the Presence of the King Like?

Asaph, Cal-Lin and another friend (not named Li-Geming yet) actually lived in the capital. They were either orphans or just runaway but that felt too cliche and over done. And because they were in the capital they actually get into the King's castle somehow. I didn't finish this version, so it never became an official [...]

My Book Release reaction

It's still surreal that I released this book I'm still nervous about what people think and I don't think that will go away but I am glad people are reading this. Now a whole new phase of the writing process begins as I hustle trying to sell more copies and releasing this to the whole [...]

New Website Design and Name!

New Design, New Name! Explore the new site and let me know what you think! Reasons for changing it were mainly due to the fact that the blog is now a secondary compared to the book. Due to that fact the site needs to reflect the change in priority. And as the book get's closer [...]