The Hands of God

Like I’ve written about before on here I’ve been reading through a commentary on the book of Genesis. I’m learning a lot as the book digs into each verse. I’m trying to take everything in but is is like drinking from a fire hose. A lot is getting thrown at me but I’m drinking in only a fraction of it. But what I am lapping down is really good.

But as I’m reading through Genesis, I am also reading Exodus on my own time. And as I’m reading these two books there are a couple of things that stick out to me and it (strangely) has to do with God’s hands.

The Creative Hands of God

It is pretty easy to see the creative side of God in Genesis. I mean he does create EVERYTHING. So I think in order to create EVERYTHING you have to be creative. From the animals that we see to the variety of trees, plants and fruit, to the ecosystem to even our very bodies. Each and everything meticulously and lovingly designed to fit in and thrive in the world the Lord created. And least I forget that we humans were made in God’s image to have a soul that longs for him. It is interesting the that the Hebrew word nepes (I apologize I didn’t add the correct accents to the letters) is used for living creatures in Day Five of the Creation story but that same word is sometimes translated as soul. The word “refers to the passionate appetites and desires of all living things” so while animal’s only passion in life is for “food and sex”, us as image bearers of Christ, our soul’s passion is for God himself. Our soul longs to know the creator of it.

The Soft Hands of God

I never noticed this before but God actually clothes Adam and Eve after the fall. It’s such a beautiful picture of God’s love that even after Adam and Eve cursed humanity with sin that God still came beside them and clothed them, protecting them from their shame and guilt. God is a tender father, even though he is just (see below), he still is kind and loving. I am thankful for a God that comes along beside us instead of a God that is so disgusted with us that he turns his back.

The Strong Hands of God

This comes from Exodus and is repeated several times during Moses’ interaction with Pharaoh. God is loving, gentle, merciful, creative, wise, and gracious; but he is also strong and mighty. No one or nothing can withstand him, and Pharaoh learned that the hard way. God protects his people and avenges them. He is just and fair in all of his ways, but not without mercy. I am thankful for a God who has all power and authority and who has no equal or opposite but yet he still loves, he still gives out mercy, kindness, and generosity.

God’s hands are capable of doing many things. Building up, being creative, being loving and kind and being might and strong. We as humans, his creation, bear that out in our own lives, but I’m thankful God does it perfectly.

Also, I think Exodus is best illustrated with the below meme (I couldn’t help myself) :

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